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Kickboxing Classes

Welcome to Lisa Israel Fitness! I started kickboxing in high school and fell in love with fitness. No matter your age or fitness level, I want you to feel good, and enjoy your workouts!


The Joy of Kickboxing from
the Comfort of Your Home


Being active and moving your body is an important part of life. Life is about balance. Too much of anything is not healthy. We need to learn to balance everything that life has to offer. Whether it's getting up and moving our bodies to feel good, eating a donut and salad for lunch. 

I want to help encourage women to find balance in their life. To feel good about themselves. To learn how to fall in love with movement. I want women to build their confidence and be reminded that they are strong and can do anything they put their mind too. 


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Lisa started kickboxing in high school and immediately fell in love with it. Her love for the sport has only grown over the years and wants to spread the love to other women while helping empower them and make them feel strong and confident! 

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Our Instructor

Lisa Israel has been into fitness her whole life. Since she was a toddler, her parents encouraged living an active lifestyle. Lisa has done dance, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and kickboxing! Her favorite activities with her family include going for walks and hiking. 

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Lisa Israel

Kickboxing Instructor

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